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Free charge guarantee for AMFLO products maintenance.聽 All flawed materials and manufacturing defect products are free-charge for maintenance and return transportation freight.

AMFLO products need to be maintained or replaced the part at the appointed maintenance station, otherwise, not within the range of the article said-above.AMFLO products of free charge maintenance include pressure reducers, valves, connectors, etc.

The guarantee period is three months for high corrosive gas such as cyanogen chloride, bromine cyanogen, four chlorine silicons, six Fluorine tungsten, etc.The guarantee period is six months for medium corrosive gas such as ammonia, silicon methane, etc.The guarantee period is one year for non-corrosion gas such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen, etc.The guarantee period for copper pressure reducers is three years.

The free-charge maintenance excludes natural wear and tear, corrosion, man-made damage and disassembly privately.聽 The quality problems caused by using non-compliant gas are not entitled to free charge maintenance.

AMFLO offers charging services and maintenance for the products of chargeable maintenance.



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